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Application range

High pressure washer is widely used for various industries as followings.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

It can be used for cleaning of pharmaceutical mixing equipment, production workshops, delivery vehicles, production lines and other levels cleaning work.

Petrochemical industry

The production facilities in petrochemical enterprises need the regular and reasonable cleaning, maintenance and keep the service life and the equipment operation safety .During the whole process of cleaning and maintenance , high pressure washer can clean the petrochemical equipment, parts and the stain and oil on the different kinds of tanks.

Manufacturing industry

Whether the industrial equipment is clean or not affects the the industrial equipment operation and efficiency directly , so the industrial cleaning is particularly important.The high pressure washer use the water without any chemical , only using the impact of the high pressure water jet and remove the biofilm.Therefore, high pressure washer application range is very wide, almost cover every field of national economy.

Construction industry

It can be used for the renovation of the building exterior wall, the soil and stone surface, concrete mixing station, and the oil or stubborn stains on the decorative surface, monuments and cultural relics;?It can remove the dirt quickly and forcefully without damaging the structure. Different water pressure and water volume controls are available for any surface cleaning work.

Railway industry

It can be used for cleaning the locomotive, track, track platform, the locomotive chassis and axle, deposit, oil and rust.?The dirt accumulates when people enter and go out of the station every day.High pressure washer is a suitable solution for this field.It can removal of stubborn residue easily, deep penetration into compact corners and cleaning quickly.

Food industry

Food is our life is indispensable,so high pressure cleaning machine is very important during the food processing cleaning. It not only can remove the grease on the barrel kettle, mixing tank, conveyor belt, evaporator, heat transfer , but also can clean the dirt and residue. It¨s very clean and pollution-free for food processing production equipment, also no impact on food processing,it can improve the food processing efficiency.


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